About EGV


EGV supports hospitals and medical practices by dealing with the recruitment processes of healthcare professionals capable of meeting every need. We are always focused on results and we are proud of our services that aim to achieve excellence. 
At the same time, we have demonstrated a high level of professionalism that has helped doctors worldwide to find their job and develop their careers internationally.


2007 – EGV arises mainly targeting the recruitment of medical staff for Germany. Romania was the first country of interest because of the large number of physicians with advanced medical training, and due to the fact that Romania joined the EU in 2007, a factor that led to the recognition of the medical diplomas in the other Member states. 

2008 – EGV started recruiting medical personnel from Hungary due to the good reputation enjoyed by Hungarian doctors in Germany.

2009 – With Germany still having a high demand for labor force we have expanded our services in Bulgaria and started offering our candidates’ positions in France, Sweden and Norway.  

2010 – Brings a new territorial expansion in the Baltic States. In the same year we start to diversify our services, now even offering German language courses in Berlin. So, we helped dozens of candidates to improve their German language skills and obtain the job they desired. 

2011 – We expand our recruitment services in Slovakia, and soon pass the borders of Europe by adding positions in the Middle East to our portfolio. 

In the same year, we develop a department of social responsibility and support the humanitarian organization Medecins Sans Frontieres. The initiative is here to encourage the social involvement of doctors from Europe, trough the provision of medical services for those who are unable to receive them.

2012 - The number of countries in which we offer jobs continues to grow, adding now to the list Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark.
We keep on searching for new destinations and services that can make the life easier for both employers and job-seekers. 
It has been 5 years since we’ve celebrated our first candidate’s success story and over the years we added to the list many more testimonials and success stories from the doctors that we’ve helped to grow professionally.
Here, you can write your own success story.