For clients

    Qualified personnel can be seen as the most precious resource in the healthcare system and finding the right candidate can become a difficult task for you. 

    Allow our consultants to understand your needs and enable us to function as an extension of your human resource department.

    The EGV team has finalized over 350 international recruitment projects. If you chose to work with us you will benefit from our vast experience and our knowledge about the specific recruitment markets in which we operate. A very important aspect of the recruitment process is the recognition of the candidate’s professional qualifications which we manage to obtain in a timely manner.

    We promote the vacant positions in seven European countries in which the EGV brand has a good reputation among medical personnel due to our prompt and reliable services. 

    You benefit from our services in several ways:

    Suitable Candidates

    • We have a database containing over 25.000 resumes
    • Candidates speak the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.
    • We work with over 100 language centers and facilitate programs to improve knowledge of foreign languages in general but also in the medical environment

    Fast results  

    • Due to the efficient nature of the selection procedure, we can come up with appropriate solutions in a timely manner.
    • We hold interviews with candidates to assess professional competence and personality, and present you only those candidates who match your requirements.
    • We organize the necessary arrangements for interviews online or at your office.
    • We handle the formalities for the recognition of professional qualifications. 

    Advanced Consulting

    • Our consultants speak German, English or French to facilitate easy communication with our clients and languages of the source countries to better understand the candidates and advise them on the aspects of bureaucracy in their native language.
    • The large number of applicants for advertised positions allows us to propose the best candidates for your vacant positions. 


    • Together with you we will determine the services you need and we will propose a personalized offer depending on the package of services chosen.


    Stages of selection

    1. We define the exact profile of the candidate you are searching for, based on the professional and personal skills he has to meet for the specific position, after analyzing in depth the vacant position.
    2. We develop a job description together with you, in order to present it to the future candidates.
    3. We develop a recruitment strategy and tactics that are to be implemented. 
    4. We analyze in detail the European legislation that refers to recognition of professional qualifications to determine from which countries candidates can be recruited for the position offered by you. It is very important to note the fact that due to differences in health and education systems of European countries, not all medical specialties benefit from mutual recognition.  
    5. We contact candidates from our database that match your criteria and promote job vacancies with ads through various advertising media.
    6. We interview candidates interested in your offer and if they meet the selection criteria we will send you a full CV and an assessment of motivation, experience and level of language knowledge. 
    7. Together with you we organize the interview with the candidate.
    8. We support the candidate and his family with the recognition of professional qualifications and with the relocation. 
    9. The candidate can start work.