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Internal medicine
Hessen, Germany
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Consultant in Internal Medicine with focus on Gastroenterology

The position is available in Germany in Hessen.  Hessen is situated in west-central Germany and has borders with Niedersachsen, Thüringen, Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Nordrhein-Westfallen.


Description:  Description:

The principal cities of Hessen include Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Hanau, Gießen, Wetzlar and Limburg in the greater Rhine Main Area, Fulda in the east and Kassel and Marburg an der Lahn in the north. The states capital city is Wiesbaden, and its largest city is Frankfurt am Main.

The hospital:

The hospital in which the position is available provides basic care to its surrounding community, covering a wide range of treatment and diagnostic procedures, thus providing both inpatient and outpatient medical care to over 17000 patients per year.

The internal medicine department:

The internal medicine department has 80 beds for inpatient medical care and provides treatment for over 3000 patients per year. The department focuses on gastroenterology, pneumology, rheumatology, oncology, diabetology, non-invasive cardiology and pain therapy.

The hospital is looking for a consultant doctor in internal medicine with focus on Gastroenterology.

Focal points:

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (gastroscopy)
  • Ileocolonoscopy (colonoscopy)
  • Prokto- / sigmoidoscope (rectoscopy)
  • X-ray imaging of the bile and pancreatic ducts in conjunction with endoscopy (ERCP)
  • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography possibly with biliary drainage (= PTC / PTCD, ie, the x-ray illustration of the biliary system by an external access, if necessary with internal or derivative of bile)
  • Capsule endoscopy (small intestine examination by means of a "wandering" camera)
  • High-resolution endoscopy (HD technology) incl. Digital contrast and zoom
  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS flexible, rigid;. Radially, longitudinally incl fine needle biopsy) of the upper digestive tract and the rectum
  • Sonography of the abdomen incl. Duplex / Doppler sonography
  • Contrast medium sonography
  • H2 breath test for detecting a milk sugar or fructose intolerance (lactose or fructose intolerance) and other digestive disorders
  • Long-term pH monitoring (measurement of acid exposure in the esophagus for 24 hours)
  • Polypectomy and mucosectomy (removal of polyps and altered tissue to small tumors from the uppermost layer of the mucous membrane)
  • Procedures for hemostasis: Hemoclip, APC (see below), OTSC clip, sclerotherapy and ligation of esophageal varices, sclerotherapy of fundal with Histoacryl
  • A method for closure of perforations: OTSC clip, Hemoclip
  • Argon plasma coagulation (APC; a method for hemostasis, sclerotherapy of vascular malformations and shrink tumors)
  • Removal and destruction of bile duct stones (stone extraction or mechanical lithotripsy)
  • Endoscopic deposit of endo-prostheses (stents) made of plastic or metal in the bile ducts and pancreatic duct
  • Implantation of self-expanding metal stents in narrow points of the upper and lower digestive tract, for example, in tumor diseases
  • Balloon dilatation of stenoses (Endoscopic expansion of constrictions by balloon catheters) in the upper and lower digestive tract, especially in achalasia or Crohn's disease
  • Ligaturbehandlung (gathered by rubber ring), for example, with hemorrhoids and anal or Rektumschleimhautprolaps
  • Fine-needle biopsy, (endo) sonographically controlled, ie the extraction of tissue samples from different organs by an internal or external access
  • Liver biopsy, e.g. to disposition of hepatitis or cirrhosis
  • Sclerotherapy (obliteration) of large liver cysts with ethanol
  • Ascites puncture (draining ascites)
  • Plant, change and removal of permanent feeding tube of the stomach or the small intestine (PEG and PEJ)
  • Drainage (hose-derivative) of liquids, eg Pus or secretion, under ultrasound guidance incl. Zystogastrale drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts
  • Iliac crest biopsy (bone marrow sample, Jamshidi puncture)


The hospital offers:

  • A peaceful team oriented working environment
  • Paid further training 10 days/year.


Ideal candidate:

  • Specialist doctor in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
  • Human Medicine Doctor
  • Graduate from a Medical School within the European Union + Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland.
  • Very good German language skills


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