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Trauma and orthopaedic surgery
Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
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Resident doctor for orthopedic surgery

The position is available in the German state of Baden Wurttemberg, the third largest German state in both terms of area and population. The hospital is ay around 1 hour distance from Freiburg and is located close to the Black Forest district and Bodensee the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

Living in that area is fascinating because the distances between the cities are small and you have to drive a short way to work if you plan to live outside the city, or if you just want to ski in the Alps for a day. The region is very close to France and a few hours away lies the Mediterranean see. Also from here you can reach Milan, Munich or Innsbruck in about 3 hours and in 4 hours you could be in Lyon, Luxembourg, Frankfurt or at the Mediterranean see near Genoa. Nearby are also several airports from where you can reach more distant locations.


The position is available in an acute hospital. The orthopedics department provides the following types of treatment:


  • Arthroplasty of all major joints (hip, knee, shoulder joint, Ankle joint, elbow joint and wrist) in osteoarthritis,
  • Expansion and revision of joint prostheses (hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, ankle, elbow and wrist)
  • Computer Navigated implantation of total knee replacement and total hip replacement
  • Small joint arthroplasty (toe joints, finger joints)

Arthroscopic surgery:

  • hip joint: Diagnostics, synovium and loose bodies, treatment of labral lesions
  • Stifle: Diagnostics, cartilage and meniscus surgery, cartilage transplantation, removal of synovium and loose bodies, cartilage smoothing, arthrolysis in scarring at lying knee joint prosthesis, lateral release with dislocation of the kneecap
  • Shoulder joint: Diagnostics, stabilizing interventions for shoulder instability, shoulder decompression in subacromiale congestion syndrome, rotator cuff, capsular incision (capsulotomy) for "Frozen Shoulder"
  • Upper and lower ankle joint: Diagnostics, cartilage smoothing, removing synovium and loose bodies, osteochondral transplantation, decompression in synovial impingement
  • Elbow joint: Diagnostics, cartilage smoothing, removing synovium and loose bodies, arthrolysis
  • wrist: Diagnosis, treatment of cartilage lesions and discus, distance synovium and loose bodies

Supply bony injuries (osteosynthesis)

  • Internal fixation of fractures of the upper and lower extremities with use of modern methods (nails, screws, angular stable and anatomically adapted plates, external fixation and internal wires, stents) and materials (absorbable screws and seams)
  • Care of injuries of the musculoskeletal system according to modern trauma surgical criteria and standards of the Association for Osteosynthesis

Hand Surgery - Hand surgery tendon repair and fracture stabilization after crushing and amputation injuries, as well as cut / lacerations and their targeted treatment by special orthotics/rails in their own production

Correctional operations - Corrective surgery for congenital and acquired bone and joint malalignment (hallux valgus, Luxationsneigung patella osteotomy long bones), corrective surgery after fracture malunions long bone (pseudarthrosis)

Shoulder Surgery - Shoulder surgery (arthroscopic surgery in addition) with conventional rotator cuff, Sehnenrefixation, osteotomies humerus and capsule stabilization after dislocation and internal fixation of the scapula and clavicle

Foot Surgery - Foot surgery with correction of deformities and joint replacement (big toe joint), Corrective surgery for congenital and acquired bone and joint malalignment (hammer and claw toe)

Pelvic Surgery - Pelvic surgery with internal fixation of fractures of the acetabulum, the symphysis pubis and the ilium

Spinal Surgery - Stabilizing spine surgery for injuries and tumor metastasis

Soft tissue and tendon injuries  - Orthopedic reconstructive supply of soft tissue injuries, soft tissue infections, as well as tendon and ligament injuries (Achilles tendon, Qudrizepssehne, patellar tendon, biceps tendon, outer band Upper ankle)

Peripheral nerve surgery  - Peripheral nerve surgery for nerve constriction (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve-syndrome)

Conservative treatments

  • Conservative treatment of fractures and joint luxation’s with adequate anesthesiological support and subsequent immobilization in appropriate rails / bandages / dressings.
  • Closed joint mobilization with adequate anesthesiological support
  • Initial and continuing care of the severely injured
  • Initial and continuing care of the severely injured in collaboration with various disciplines (anesthesia / intensive care, radiology, abdominal / thoracic / vascular surgery)

The hospital has training authorization for conducting 4 years of residency training in orthopedic surgery. The form of work required is full time. For the balance between personal and professional life you benefit of 26 days of leave/year.

Ideal candidate:

  • Resident doctor with experience in orthopedic surgery
  • Graduate from a Medical School within the European Union + Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland.
  • Proficient in German.

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