Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the eligibility conditions?

  • Graduation of the medicine university and specialization in a state member of the EU.
  • Good knowledge of a worldwide spoken language (English, French, German)
  • Desire to learn Swedish/Norwegian

2. Which are the steps of selection process?

  • The initial discussion when you will be contacted by a HR consultant
  • Detailed interview where we will determine your priorities and your needs
  • Checking of your references and your current professional certificate (Certificate of good standing – you can get it from the Medical Chamber)
  • Interview with the employer, at the hospital from abroad, where there will take part the head of the hospital and/or the head of the department and a representative of our company or of our partners. Thus, you will have the possibility to see the hospital and the town where you´d live and work
  • After signing the contract with the employer, you will start the intensive language training, while we will arrange to get the documents necessary for your employment (permit of free practice, recognition of medical specialties), we search for you a dwelling, school or kindergarten and we organize the move.
  • You can start your work.

3. Is it compulsory to know Swedish/Norwegian?

  • All candidates who want to work in a Scandinavian country benefit from an intensive 4 month Swedish/Norwegian language course at a language center from abroad, together with their families.

4. Is it possible to learn a language in such a little time?

  • Yes, it is possible. Moreover, during the first weeks of work you will continue the language courses two days/week and you will work only 3 days/week, without having your own pacients, in order you can put up with your new work place.

5. By means of which language is taught Swedish/Norwegian?

  • Except the basic information, that is given in English or in another worldwide spoken language, no mediator language is used. This is a new method of foreign language teaching, that proved to be more efficient than the traditional one.

6. Who pays for the course charges?

The employing hospitals will bear the direct and indirect course costs:

  • The language training itself
  • Travel + dwelling expenses
  • An amount of 700 euro/month during the language course.

7. Who deals with the documents necessary for the employment?

  • It is us who arrange the permit of free practice that we get on the basis of your identity documents, of your graduation diploma and of your specialty certificate (certificate of agreement).

8. For how long is a contract concluded?

  • You will sign the contract before beginning the language course and it is for an ongoing time, including a 6 month trial period. Due to the benefits you get during the language course, you must engage to keep your work place at least for 3 years.

9. Which are the tariffs requested by your agency?

  • We ask no commission from the candidates.

10. Which are the jobs you offer?