Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the conditions of eligibility?

  • The graduation of the medicine university and specialization in a state member of the EU.
  • Good knowledge of French language.

2. Is it mandatory to speak French?

  • Each applicant who wants a job in France must speak the French language well in order to be able to keep up an interview with the employer and later to be able to communicate with the patients. (You need no language certificate) 

3. How much does a doctor earn?

  • Specialist doctors have incomes starting from about 4500 euro/month, to which significant amount of money is added for the services. 

4. Who arranges the documents needed for the employment?

  • It is us who arrange the permit of free practice that we get on the basis of your identity documents, of your graduation diploma and of your specialty certificate (certificate of agreement).

5. Do you organize language courses?

  • No, we don’t, but we can guide you to those who are specialists in this field.

6. Which are the steps of the process of selection?

  • The initial discussion when you will be contacted by a human resources consultant who will determine your priorities and your needs.
  • Interview in Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria where one will establish among others whether you have a good enough level of the French language.
  • Interview with the employer, in France, where there will take part the head of the hospital and/or the head of the department and a representative of our company or of our partners in France.
  • After getting the confirmation from the employer we arrange to obtain the needed documents for the employment and if it is necessary we search for housing and school or kindergarten for your children.
  • You can start working.

7. For how long lasts this process?

  • A person who has good French knowledge and who has all the required documents can begin to work after 3 months from the first interview.
  • Please take into account that there are also bureaucratic aspects which may render more difficult the getting of the documents and which may extend the initial 3 months process with more than 3 months.

8. Which are the tariffs requested by your agency?

  • We ask no commission from the candidates.

9. Which are the jobs you offer?